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  Please come visit our 2,000 sq. ft. warehouse to see the latest styles and prices of carpet, rugs, vinyl flooring, new poly flooring, and Buck Stoves.




















 Vinyl Flooring - Top Notch Vinyl Brands for Vinyl Floors

 Vinyl floors (or linoleum) have been around for years. Sheet vinyl is the most commonly used type of vinyl floor because of its affordability and ease of installation. Vinyl tiles offer an alternative to ceramic tiles giving the look of tile floors at a reduced price. Vinyl flooring offers a wide variety of colors and styles for an array of uses from bathrooms to kitchens and hallways. Like laminate flooring the look of a vinyl is actually a pattern layer on the surface of the floor. If you're looking for an affordable alternative to ceramic floors we suggest you look into our selection of top quality vinyl flooring.


Textured Wood Vinyl

Textured Wood Vinyl Flooring Features

  Look of hardwood flooring with the durability of vinyl

  Extremely moisture-resistant

  Durable and easy to maintain

  State-of-the-art dimensional stability

  Revolutionary 5-layer Flexfloor construction

  Available in an assortment of styles and patterns

  Textured Wood Vinyl Flooring Details


Realistic wooden texture mirrors the look of wood with all the advantages of a vinyl floor.  Textured Wood Vinyl Flooring from Empire offers you a durable, easy to maintain, moisture-resistant alternative in a variety of colors to match your dcor.  

Textured Wood Vinyl Flooring from Empire Today incorporates an innovative layered construction. Comfort foam a softened base, quiets sound from footsteps and provides a soft covering to walk on. Fiberglass material ensures that the flooring will not contract, expand, crack or curl. There is an additional layer that helps counteract dents. Additional easy-clean and urethane layers combine to increase the floors durability and allow it to resist scuffs, scrapes and stains for easy cleaning and maintenance.








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