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  Please come visit our 2,000 sq. ft. warehouse to see the latest styles and prices of carpet, rugs, vinyl flooring, new poly flooring, and Buck Stoves.


























Headquartered in Sruce Pine, North Carolina

Buck Stoves headquartered in Spruce Pine, North Carolina

Buck Stoves have been available by House of Carpet in Tupelo, Mississippi for the last 10 years. We are one of only two dealers in North Mississippi offering this incredible product. We offer a full line of wood burning stoves and fireplaces. We offer complete installation and maintenance for all the wood burning stoves provided.

It would be hard to think of a better time to install a wood burning stove than right now. With the price of fuel oils and gas rising almost daily it makes perfect sense to cut your fuel bills this winter by installing a Quality Buck Stove.  A Buck Stove will make your home or business warmer, more comfortable and surround you with a touch of romance.  Yes, everyone enjoys a warm fireplace and now it's affordable thanks to Buck Stoves. 

We invite you to browse our website and inspect our quality line of wood burning stoves and fine accessories.  We would also like to inform you of all the services we perform so, please look over the site carefully and if you have any questions please contact us.  You'll find friendly, knowledgeable and enthusiastic people ready to help you. 

From our traditional wood stoves to our new vented and non-vented gas units the New Buck heaters combine exceptional efficiency and exemplary safety records. New styles. Unrivaled quality. Honest American value. Buck Stoves are the perfect match.

Wood & Coal Stoves

Coal Stoves & Catalytic and Non-Catalytic Wood Stoves



Full view glass door with air wash system


Automatic Blower Standard (Certain Models)


Mobile home approved (Certain Models - Wood Only)


Limited Lifetime Warranty




24K Gold plated or Pewter door


Queen Anne legs and Large Queen Anne legs available in Black, Gold


Automatic front blower with variable speed control (Certain Models)


Pewter and Gold overlays available for Models 18, 81 and 91 (Wood)


Other Gold and Brass options are available (Wood Only)

Samples of Non-Catalytic Stoves

Samples of Catalytic Stoves

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